A guide to travelling in Split, Croatia

When trying to choose where we would stay for a couple of weeks after the tourism conference in Turkey, we promptly believed of Croatia. After some research, we decided on Split, which is the second largest city in the country – it’s not as well big, however not as well small.

Split is an excellent base for going on day trips. It’s likewise a great hub for transportation around the region. Of course, you can stop here for a few days, as well as bring on, however we suggest sticking around for two or more weeks to truly get a feel for the place.

Plus, there are a great deal of things to do right here that you would miss out on if you just passed through!

(Don’t miss our video at the end to truly get a feel for the city).

Watching the sunset in Split is just one of the many things you should do

What To See as well as Do

Marjan Hill: A benefit of Split is that you have nature right in the heart of the city. just steps from the old town, you’ll discover Marjan Hill. At 178 meters, it’s not the tallest mountain in the country by any type of means, however it’s still a excellent getaway from the city.

Look out for this indication when walking to Marjan Hill
To the right of the St. Francis Church near Republic Square, you’ll see a indication for the hill. walk with the back lanes, before arriving at the stone steps. hike up those stairs as well as you’ll reach a lovely vantage point. From there, you can select to sit as well as sip on coffee at the cafe, or continue as much as the top of the mountain, via the forest route, or the seaside trail.

Don’t miss this bit church on your walk
We walked up right here two times during our stay, as well as would have done it more commonly if the weather condition had cooperated.

The Emporer Diocletian’s Palace: This is an obvious must-see in Split, as well as one that you actually won’t be able to miss. found right next to the palace is the towering, 60 meter high Cathedral of Saint Domnius. This can be spotted quite much anywhere in the city.

The cathedral of St. Domnius towering over Diocletian’s Palace
Wander the Promenade: Thankfully, whoever designed the city of Split had the concept to produce a promenade running along the Adriatic Sea.

Starting at the “Riva” which is the pathway found in front of the primary pedestrian street, you can continue winding your method past the marina, with a park, along a cliffside…and then you’ll show up at a beach. This walk is around two kilometers long as well as is extremely scenic.

The views of the sea along the promenade are spectacular!
Visit the Islands: Did you understand that Croatia is really comprised of over 1000 islands?! many of them are just offshore from Split, making this a perfect day-trip from the city. inspect out the close-by islands of Hvar, Korcula as well as Vis…to name a few.

You can travel by ferry-boat, go on a sailing tour, or see the islands via seaplane! In the year 2014, seaplane service came to Croatia. You can fly with European Coastal Airlines from downtown Split to the neighbouring islands, or to the fairytale city of Dubrovnik. Plus, you can really cross the Adriatic Sea to Italy!

Check out our video:

Go on a day-trip: There are so many things to do around the city, I won’t even be able to listing them all. We suggest popping into the tourist office as well as enquiring about the tours on offer. Make sure to see the UNESCO site of Trogir, the Krka waterfalls, as well as the Plitvice Lakes…among other things.

Travel to one more Country: Split is in the perfect place to travel. Of course, you’re in the city to see the actual city, however why not add one more stamp to your passport?! We suggest renting a cars and truck in Split as well as travelling to Montenegro one day, as well as Bosnia & Herzegovina the next.

If you take the highway, you can get to Kotor, Montenegro in about 4.5 hours from Split (that would be a extremely long day trip though). A shorter trip would be from Split to Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This journey is only around 2 – 2.5 hours long. Don’t fail to remember your passport!

The lovely scenery in Montenegro

Nerede yenir

The Dalmatian style food in Split is extremely good, plus, there are many Italian influenced meals.

Villa Spiza – This was our favourite restaurant (and one of the only ones open during the off-season). Run by two women, they serve up delicious, house cooked meals right in front of your eyes. In this little restaurant, there is area for around 15 peopleyemek için.

On average, a meal costs 75 kuna ($11), as well as is worth every penny. Click right here to see a evaluation of the restaurant, as well as click right here for villa Spiza’s Facebook Page.

The finest restaurant in town is villa Spiza

Kantun Paulina – This is the perfect grab-and-go lunch spot. Cévapi as well as hamburgers are served here. Cévapi are bit homemade sausages, as well as at this restaurant, they stuff them into a soft bun. You then have the choice of adding cheese, lettuce, onions as well as the regional favourite – ajvar sauce. The expense is 18 kuna ($2.60) without cheese, 22 kuna ($3.20) with cheese.

These are huge, as well as I (Dariece) might never surface a whole one! Click right here for evaluations as well as a map.

The cevapi at this restaurant are to die for!

Mazzgoon – This is a more upscale restaurant compared to the homey feel of villa Spiza, as well as the quick food at Kantun Paulina. Mazzgoon is a unique spot, with truly fascinating decor as well as tasty food.

The homemade burger is dripping with BBQ sauce, cheese as well as bacon as well as includes a side of baked potatoes. The expense is 65 kuna ($9.50). other meals on offer are ribs, fresh seafood, salads as well as soups. whatever right here is delicious. Click right here for evaluations as well as a map.

The burger at Mazzgoon is delicious
Bajamonti cafe – This cafe is found in Republic Square as well as has seating outside as well as inside. The excellent thing about this area is that it’s non-smoking inside, while many cafes and restaurants in Croatia normally are not. The wi-fi right here is truly great as well, as well as it’s free if you order something. Lattes are 12.50 kuna ($1.80).

Pizzeria Galija – This restaurant is found just across from Kantun Paulina. wood terminated pizzas are their specialty, however they likewise have seafood as well as pastas on offer. Pastas go for around 65 kuna ($9.40). We only ate a couple of pastas here, which were tasty. Click right here for evaluations as well as a map.

A tasty pasta, at an budget-friendly price

Where to Sleep

There are numerous choices when selecting where to stay in Split. You can choose a hotel or a hostel, however if you’re going to stay for a week or more, we suggest getting an apartment instead. They are of excellent value in this part of the world, as well as renting apartments is the norm rather than the exception.

We stayed for two weeks at Apartment Seagull, which was around $28 / night. Laundry, kitchen area as well as wi-fi was included in the price. It was around a 10 – 15 minute walk to the old town, as well as there are grocery stores nearby. We liked our stay there!

Photo Credit: apartment Seagull
Click right here to discover more about apartment Seagull.

Advice, info as well as Tid-Bits

Locals in Split online by the term “pomalo”, which basically means to take it easy. There’s no rush, sit as well as stay a while! According to locals, pomalo isn’t just a saying, it’s a method of life.

The people of Split are extremely weird when it comes to the wind. The jugo (Scirocco) wind is warm as well as damp blowing from the sea. It makes the people right here grumpy, sleepy as well as weird! While the other wind, bura which blows from the northeast, is stated to clean the air in addition to the people’s minds. You’ll commonly hear the locals speaking about the impacts of the wind on their mental state.

Coffee time is all the time! The people right here drink coffee after getting out of bed, before a meal, after eating, when they are relaxed, while they are working, or when they are with friends. They drink so many cups of coffee, we don’t understand exactly how they do it!

Make sure to pick up a Split Card from the tourism office when you arrive. If you are staying for more than three days, the card is free. You’ll get discount rates on entrance fees, on rental cars and trucks as well as even on restaurants. Plus, some sites will be free to go into with the card.

If you sit at one of the cafes as well as order a drink, you can stay basically all day if you want. You don’t requirement to feel like you should order one more drink, or food. The locals do this all the time. Also, if the cafe you’re at doesn’t serve food, you can bring in your own.

Republic Square in kahve içmek için mükemmel bir alan
Limandaki yunuslara dikkat et! Gezinti boyunca dolaşırken üç gün gördük.

Bir araba kiralamayı seçerseniz, şirketle zor pazarlık yaptığınızdan emin olun. Yakın ülkelere seyahat ediyorsanız, çevre dostu bir kart (temelde sınırları geçmek için sigorta kapsamıdır) almanız gerekir. İşletmeyi kiralama maliyetinize dahil etmesini sağlayın. Başlangıçta, 12 günlük kiralama için 22 $ / gün alıntı yapıldı. Biz pazarlıktan sonra 15 $ / gün almak sona erdi.

Para birimi: Hırvat Kuna. 1 $ USD = 6.90 $ kuna (Şubat 2016 itibariyle)

Dil: Hırvat (komşu Sırbistan’ın yanı sıra Bosna ve Hersek’te konuşulan dillere benzer)

Avrupa Birliği’nde mi? Evet.

Schengen bölgesinde mi? Numara.

Şehir için bir fikir edinmek için Split’taki Zamanımızın hızlı videomuza göz atın!

Hiç Split’e gittin mi? Rehberimize ne eklerdiniz? Daha önce bulunmadıysanız, bu kılavuzun size yardımcı olduğunu umuyoruz!

Bu makale gibi mi? İğnele!

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